About Us

HidalgoRiders arises seeking to incorporate something new to the national Automototive market.


We came up with the idea of making helmet accessories when we saw that the fact of “Tuning” the helmet was becoming very popular among bikers in the United States.

This is how we decided to produce helmet braids, offering our customers the possibility of giving their helmet an special, Unique and very feminine touch.


Thanks to public acceptance in the market we saw ourselves with possibilities of developing the product range a little bit more.

Nowdays we have about 9 different helmet accesories and more own and patented products.


Braids, Mohawks, Horns, Unicorns, Teddy Ears, Embroidered Keychains, Stickers, helmet Covers, Leather Gloves, Wood tracks, and more.

All the products we sell are HAND MADE and each product is unique.

We are on our way to EUROPE!

#Be Different




Phone: (+34) 682 875 557

Email: Hidalgoriders@hotmail.com


APTDO Correos 1107, 28805 Alcalá de Henares